Day 14 - Meeting The Trauma Team

Today was my first day with Dr. Tandoh and her trauma team at the UVM medical center. I know Dr. Tandoh through my dad’s church as an an amazingly warm-hearted woman, and she was so happy to have me shadow her. I wasn’t nervous at all to come in (maybe a bit about the drive - I haven’t driven in three weeks) because I knew I would be safe in her hands. She's a trauma surgeon with a specialty in burns. 

First, I sat down with her team as we went over the patients. There are about 30 of them right now, so the team has their hands full! We went over each patient and what the next steps were for their care.

After that, I got to say hello to the team. There were case managers, nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors, and two medical students who were shadowing like me! They could actually help out, though, while I could only watch. They were friendly and told me I could ask them questions (they were more excited to answer because it let them test their knowledge).

We did our rounds and went to each patient. I saw everything from burns and sores to intestines! It was reassuring to realize that I don’t get grossed out by seeing the wounds. I learned so much from just these few hours. I learned about the process of draining the small intestine and gradually getting someone back on a diet, I learned about temperature regulation in burn patients (temperature is regulated in the skin, so when someone had burns they can't do that on their own... they keep burn rooms quite hot to help the patients regulate), and about treating burns in general. I have some cool stories to tell already, so I’m excited for tomorrow.


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