Day 16 - The Operating Room

I made sure to have a muffin, some iced tea, and a banana before our team meeting today to make sure I had energy to be standing all day. I’m glad I did, because Dr. T was finally called for her case about halfway through!

I’ve never been in an operating room before. It was so exciting to scrub in and be a part of a skin grafting procedure. I thought wearing Dr. T's coat was cool, but wearing a face mask and a hair net was even cooler! I followed her with confidence, knowing I was with the best. Dr. T is respected in the OR, as she should be, and it's great to watch her in action.

The anesthesiologist gave me a few stools so I could peer over the drapes and watch the skin graft. I learned the steps and potential complications of the procedure, mostly asking questions to the anesthesiologist as Dr. T was busy. The patient had deep leg sores, so the procedure was to take some healthy skin from her thigh to place over the sores so they could heal easier. Every little detail and step was fascinating to me, especially with the anesthesiology. It's so tricky to give someone anesthesia and to keep them unconscious for the entire procedure before waking them up, especially when the patient is older and has more medical problems. Every time the monitors would make noises, my head would perk up and the anesthesiologist would laugh before pressing a few buttons and maybe injecting something. It was handled so nonchalantly, you could almost call it graceful.

Four hours later, we left the OR and got lunch. We then spent another four hours doing rounds, checking on every patient and talking to the nurses about the plans. It was nice to see the patients improving, and to talk to the medical students some more.


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