Day 17 - The Clinic

I managed to get breakfast in before the meeting today at 8. This time, it was in an auditorium with all of the residents. I watched presentations on several complications that happened after surgery. It was quite entertaining to watch the nervous presentations, followed by drilling questions from the other doctors in the room.

After that, we did rounds for a few hours. Several patients were finally discharged, and everyone looked like they were progressing at least a bit. I found myself more comfortable in my space now, talking to nurses and everyone without hesitation (it’s a lot easier when everything is in English!).

Dr. T then had her least favorite job: clinic. Patients who came in for followups would come to the clinic, and Dr. Tandoh would clean their wounds and give them more advice. She doesn't like the screams that came from the younger kids, which is why this job is her least favorite. We actually saw two separate pairs of 2-year-old twins, each with burns on one of them! I helped collect supplies and gave advice on different ways to try taking pills for kids (being a hesitant pill-taker as a kid myself). Clinic was actually my favorite part of the day, even if it wasn't for Dr T.


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