Day 18 - School Nurses in VT

Today I met up with a nurse named Hilary, one of Dr. T’s friends, in Monkton where she works two days a week as a school nurse. She gave me a tour of the school and nurse’s office, and I got to compare how her office is run with how things are in Peru. The biggest difference, of course, is the plumbing and facilities… the standards in the US are much different. 

Hilary talked about the difficulties with communication between the faculty and the nurse, and with the parents as well. The nurse’s office at Monkton Elementary is in the middle of the main office, which sometimes can cause communication problems if the kids report to the front desk instead of all the way in the nurse’s office.

We took some equipment that needed to be calibrated over to Bristol Elementary, which is where Hilary’s best friend works as a school nurse. We got another tour of their school and I heard more about how the offices functions and the types of problems that can arise in their work. We met the principal there and everybody answered my questions about the school. They shared stories of problems or times when their job was rewarding. 

It was great to meet and talk to both of the nurses and the people who worked at the school!


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