Day 19 - Code Red

I started earlier today, because Dr. T was going straight to the OR to graft that burn patient who got here last week.

I met some other med students who I haven’t seen before, and they were watching alongside me. Dr. T took skin from the patient’s leg and grafted both of his arms and hands, which had 3rd degree burns. She had to cut the burnt skin off in order to get the graft on, which was something I haven’t seen before.

The surgery took about six hours, and afterwards we went to change the dressings of the woman who had a skin graft last week. She was so kind, even though she was very anxious. I actually helped Dr. T! I opened and prepared dressings, and helped put them on. I was so happy to help and be engaged in the process.

Right after Dr. T left her room, she got a code red page! A man had a box fall on his head, and he needed to be seen right away. We rushed down to the emergency elevator that opened straight to the emergency room. Everyone from the trauma team was there examining him. He was in a confused daze, but he was still responding. He was shaking and everyone was getting his stats and was trying to get the full story. Before I left, they ordered him a CT scan. I hope I can hear more about what happened tomorrow.


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