WEEK 4: Overall Thoughts

Day 14 - 8am-2:30pm
Day 15 - 8am-2:30pm
Day 16 - 8am-3:30pm
Day 17 - 8am-3:30pm
Day 18 - 8am-3:30pm

This week was amazing and I learned so much from Dr. Tandoh and her team. In Peru, much of what I learned was about the culture and the social aspect of being a nurse. From Dr. Tandoh, I’m learning so much about the medical world in the U.S. and about the human body.

From day one I was learning about burns and what burns do to the body. I met all of the trauma patients, so I learned about their specific conditions as well, and how Dr. T interacts with them. I learned through the team’s discussions, x-rays, CT scans, and notes. I feel like I'm sucking up information like a sponge. I'm eager to learn, and the other medical students and doctors are happy to answer my questions.

The daily routine of meetings, rounds and OR time became more manageable when I learned how to properly eat and hydrate myself before standing and walking around for hours on end. The schedule changes from day to day, so I get to see every aspect of Dr T's job, from surgeries and meetings to rounding and clinic. 

Coming back from Peru, it was so much easier to ask questions and talk to everyone, so I was a chatterbox! Especially with the friendly Dr. T, I threw my hesitations out of the window. Asking every question that popped into my head helped me to learn so much more (of course, that doesn’t mean my awareness of when I needed to shut up went out the window as well).

One of my struggles here is that I can't do much to help out. It's hard to watch and stand around when I know there's more to do. I feel excited and interested in everything, but my interaction has to be minimal. I know I'm extremely lucky to even be seeing what I'm seeing, though, so in that way I'm grateful. I also understand that I wouldn't know what to do if I was thrown in alongside the nurses, so I'm happy to not have that pressure on me.

I feel like I'm being treated like an adult here, which is a lot different from when I was in Peru. I fell back into my spot as an independent 18-year-old who is about to go to college for nursing, and that's now becoming my comfort zone. I have things expected of me, which is sometimes a great thing. I can show that I can live up to the expectations and go above and beyond with how I use my time. This second part of my senior project is just so different, and has different ways of teaching me and challenging me.


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